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In October 2014 Southport began a project to update the Town’s zoning ordinance. The project is the first major undertaking to implement the goals of the comprehensive plan (adopted in March 2014), specifically to generate economic development opportunities, accommodate the changing population, enhance community character, and protect natural and historic resources. Many of the actions identified in the comprehensive plan require changes to the existing zoning ordinance. A municipality’s zoning ordinance must conform to the adopted comprehensive plan according to New York State Law. The project was supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Cleaner, Greener Communities program.

The update project will create a hybrid code for Southport, by integrating a new form-based code for selected commercial areas into the existing code. Importantly, the zoning update will seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging higher-density, mixed-use development in the Town’s commercial areas. Please see the attached Diagnostic Report for more details.

 The project is being led by Elan Planning, Design and Landscape Architecture and Hunt Engineers, Architects & Land  Surveyors, P.C., with a Steering Committee comprised of Town officials and residents. For more information on Cleaner, Greener Communities see: http://www.nyserda.ny.gov/Governor-Initiatives/Cleaner-Greener-Communities.aspx

This page will be updated regularly with meeting minutes and relevant documents. Steering committee meetings are open to the public.


Next committee meeting: 

Final Zoning (November 2016) https://ecode360.com/9627365

Citizens Guide to Zoning

Zoning Summary
Proposed Map - Zoning
Zoning Map Changes
Use table
Bulk and density control schedule
Ch 497 amended
Public Hearing Presentation from 9-16-2015
Chemung Co Planning Board

STC Recommendations
Final GI Report
Bulk and Density Control Schedule for CN CR
Diagnostic Report
Public Meeting April 21 Presentation
Zoning Update Project FAQ

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