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Fire Departments

Webbs Mills Fire District #4 - 

Monthly Meetings will be held on 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

Election Notice & Annual Meeting (link)

Pine City Fire District #1 


 Please take notice that the Pine City Fire District No. 1 of the Town of Southport, will hold its regular meetings for the year 2023 on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Pine City Fire Hall, with the following exceptions:  No meetings during the months of July & August; September meeting to be held on 9/5/23 at 7:00, October meeting and budget hearing to be held on 10/17/23 at 7:00 and December meeting to be held on 12/12/23 at 8:00.  All meetings of the Pine City Fire District are open to the public. By order of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Pine City Fire District.

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The Town of Southport has a history of damage from flooding, streambank erosion, and drainage problems.  Ongoing efforts to reduce damage include: stormwater management, floodplain management, drainage system maintenance, and construction of flood attenuation wetlands.  Flood insurance is available for any building in the Town, with a small discount due to the Town's participation in the Community Rating System of the National Flood Insurance Program.
Contact the Code Enforcement Department at 607 737-5268 for:
--Information about stormwater management requirements
--To review Flood Hazard Maps (which delineate regulated floodplain areas)
--Floodplain development permits (required for all development within the regulated floodplain)
--FEMA Elevation Certificates (to document elevations of floodplain buildings for permit and insurance purposes)
--To report illegal floodplain development activities
--To report dumping of debris, including yard wastes, into a creek, or river
--Technical assistance with techniques for protecting your property from flood damage 

Town of Southport is a member of the Stormwater Coalition of Chemung County
Information about floodplain developmnt requirements, local flood hazards, flood warnings, flood safety, and other topics.
Flood Smart - Information about the National Flood Insurance Program.

MS4 Annual Report (Contact Town Supervisor if you have any questions)
MS4 Annual Report letter

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