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Comprehensive Plan

The Town Board adopted the Comprehensive Plan on March 11, 2014.  Links to the Comprehensive Plan are below.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
A Comprehensive Plan is a written document formally adopted by the local legislature that contains a vision, goals, objectives, and strategies for the future development and conservation of the community.  The Comprehensive Plan is not a law nor does it establish regulations.  It is a guiding document that must be considered when developing any land use laws, such as zoning, that will be used to implement the plan. Those land use laws must be developed and adopted through a separate process.
What may a Comprehensive Plan address?
Goals, objectives and policies for the immediate and long-range enhancement, growth and development of the community
  • Existing and proposed land uses and their intensity
  • Agricultural uses, historical resources, cultural resources, natural resources, coastal resources and sensitive environmental areas
  • Population, demographic and socioeconomic trends
  • Transportation facilities
  • Utilities and infrastructure
  • Housing resources and needs
  • Infrastructure
  • Other governmental plans and regional needs
  • Economic development
  • Proposed means to implement goals, objectives and policies

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